torsdag, september 11, 2008

Warriors Quest - Peace

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~ © Warriors Quest - Peace © ~

I spit my red blood on the icy winterland
the gnistering crystals mixed with my heart....
there is no way Im giving up what I love without a fight -
my eyes looked up and met yours, with fire and explosive intensity...

You looked magnificent,
a masterpiece with strength and impressive weapons,
your armour glimmered in the fading light at the field in twiligt zone...

I couldnt hate you

- even though you thretened to steal all that I loved..
Who wouldnt want what I have...
I just realized the value of my dear treasure

I have come to life for you...
you where the enemy all Knights learned to shield from...
the fight was always over one thing -
Love... My love....

My chest was filled with a furious scream of pain,
I would give my life for you, and I would fight til the end for us...
And never would you realize what you truly fought against...

Moments away from close encounter,
yet you had been in my sight forever

in my inner view and in each breath I had prepared for this -
at night I though of you,
and you had lived in my mind since birth,
you - the reason I had to prepare for battle,
and to become skilled in war..

My enemy..

how come I couldnt feel hate now that I saw you...

In a moments clearness I felt your soul,
and saw the rainbow through my tears..
I couldnt speak your language,
and you wouldnt listen - if I told you the truth...

The desire blinded you..
and I could feel your excitement affecting my pulse
you triumphed with a wicked grin
and mistook my empathy for weakness..

With a roar you descided it was time for attack,
and my muscles positioned
the air, the sky, the land
and my heart was at point blank, all was still..

I saw you move towards me in slowmotion, I was one with you..
I prayed a silent blessing for your soul
and for the foolish act that led us here..

You were too drunken of lust to think clear,
and that was your downfall,
you would not be celebrating victory
in the halls with vikings tonight,
the stones around us would soon cover your strong body
in its full bloom..

It is each of our choise -
in the end, we are the breath between life and death..
no matter who threathens us -
we are either the end or beginning each moment,
what is next.. I kneeled to lower my sword I took a deep breath of chi -
and with a cry of desperation
I ended the last verse from the song that was you..

The shock I saw in your wild eyes was sincere,
you had never lost before,
many were the women,
men and kings that had fallen for your will -
and here you found out,
how it felt to be one of them who had to give in..

I lowered my arms as you fell down beside me,
we met in a strong exhale..
the air and the energy faided out,
and we both felt the aggression leave us..
the spirits of battle stood around us
as we met without weapons between us,
and I could hear you speak words in a strange language,
but the meaning was clear,
arent all warriors One in those moments..
there is only different angles of truth..

Your shivering hands helt up a medallion around your neck,
you tried to speak
and as your blood met mine on the snowwhite crystals,
my hand met yours..

Perhaps I had given you peace as well...
but no death would separate us,
you would live on in my mind forever,
just as you always had been in me..

I had fought you since I learned to hold a sword,
in each movement during practise..
I couldnt feel any triumph in this victorious moment,
all I felt was sorrow..

Why was this necessary, why..
you spilled a lifetime within a single moment..

Instead of celebration, we would spend this night in contemplation
thank your spirit for the sad lesson you forced on us
with your attempted occupation.

How can a festive occantion follow upon a lifes sacrifice,
as the warriors quest turns out to be.

Each day carries its gold, and moments of tears as long as we live -
but it is those that only seek the glitter that will cry the most..

I will raise my glass for our meeting, and for your loved ones,
they lost you long ago.. and have missed you for an eternity..

~ © Jessica Sunnely, December 23 2007 © ~

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