torsdag, september 11, 2008

Sensual Serpent of Desire

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~ Sensual Serpent of Desire ~

There they are -
standing in line.. waiting for a bite of me..
theire eyes penetrate me,
their lips are sucking me in..

Looking for the opening, to get in..
they are drawn.. drawn to me..
Wanna taste.. feel.. experience..
be filled or fill, by me, with me, of me..

Hunger.. sorrow.. desires.. longing..
emptiness.. Oh Your holiness..

You run away from me, you fence me in,
you adore me, you try to own me..

Fantasise.. singing hymns,
whispering secrets, confession of flesh,
confessions of the Soul..
seeking forgiveness, seeking answers..

You wanna label me..
you think you know me.. rule over me..
I let you... I see you... I know you.. I forgive you..

Madam, mademoiselle and monsieur - Enchente!
So nice to see you, dont be afraid....
lets explore this together..

We divide ourselves into camps, playing hide and seek -
sometimes you are on top, sometimes I am under,
looking up, face down, humble, arrogant, exploring..

Breath me, breath me deeply... hold me near..

You let me slip away at times..

Im in your darkness, Im in your light, Im in you..
Im your shame, your tears, your joy and pleasure..

You feel me through pain,
through seasons of experiences,
when you grow, when you shrink,
when you lie, and in your truth..

Im am whipping you bloody,
Im in your blood, in your dreams..
Breath me... breath me fully - let me blossom..

Ive escaped your attempts to destroy me, you cannot..
You call me the devil, you call me God... You call me..

I am with you forever, in sickness and in health..

You seek me in others, trying to kill it in them -
push it down under a blanket, you poison me..
yet you know Im the most sensual experience you seek..

I lick you dry after the rain, I make you shiver in the sun,
Im the shadow, and the glow during the storm..

You breath me, breath me.. with passion..

You think you are alone.. but I am with you..

I am LIFE... Taste me...

© Jessica Sunnely ~ Feb 5, 2008


Kundalini (kuṇḍalinî कुण्डलिनी)
according to various teachings
is a type of "corporeal energy"

Kundalini in Sanskrit literally means "coiled up".
Kundalini is envisioned as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine,
hence a number of English renderings
of the term such as 'serpent power'.

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