fredag, september 12, 2008

For the Lost and Fallen Heroes

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Who would you have been today
if life had treated you differently?

It doesnt matter anymore, you replied...
- Im buying my life...

But you never cashed in the ticket, to your lifes leading role
instead you planned in secret to leave the maincharacter behind.

You where trying too, whilst in the creation of the new
get the possibility, to put to sleep and bury the old

When you now wander in the shadow of death...
Whos staff will lead me away from fear?

I wanna paint a warrior mask with black symbols
in a rebellious grafitti on my scared skin
strong signals in the tunnel of life where we meet
we who searching and lost are the nights watchmen

In the depressions heated, dark storm we seek salvation
but cannot alone find a home to reach rescue and peace

Apatheticly the routines fill up our meaningless existance
meanwhile the anxiety are flirting with the grim reaper.

A hanged man will protest no more
he falls as the autumnleaves from the tree
lifeless and emtptied on nourishments and power
but the message reaches us with explosive force

A drowned soul are silenced when it sinks
as the sharp claws of sufferings squeezes out all blood
but the scream of terror still echos in our nightmares

Sometimes the treasurehunt dont seduce an old pirate anymore
no songs of heaven relieved when you searched for comfort

and in the chambers of my heart whisper the echos of my questions
since the answer where buried with my dead hope in sacred ground

What is holy... when we all loose in a hopeless battle...?

Your lost soul searched for an exit from the halls of anguish
whipped by a demanding master you fled the shackles of flesh

away from the horrors as the slave undes the senses
tortured, tormented and stalked by traumatic memories..

But your words of love on fading sheets will never be silenced
they shine solid towards me with script in fire from your inner light
they witness about a heroes battle, where a Lionheart conquered fell

I want to engrave in stone with my wild blood
carve runes, sketch the charachter that was you
anthems, about your beautiful beloved warriorsoul

I dont wanna meet the silence by your grave
where your name only mentions death

Some people live forever
and their roots are buried deep
their fruit sow seeds to new springblossom

For even that which is broken down and whithered
are the elements for new torches to light up

Even in the desert, in the mist over lifeless fields
the earth give birth to reincarnated life and new harvest

Our sorrow will let the healing rain fall down
tears ,over broken lips hymns, in grief and woe
water new spirits and life to shimmering dawn

In the treetops where the leaved crowns whisper verses
the sounds carries your hearts last precious words:
that we shall not take over and carry your pain -
since you have let go of it and are free now...

I will carry the fire high towards the sky
climb mountains and light up the beacon
drill glow, down deep into the underworld

I will pray to the spirits for guidance, to the divine and hednic deities
seek counsil, reach enlightenment,
so that we, together, can build lighthouses
and in Love manifest the Light, at the end of the dark tunnel...

© copyright Jessica Sunnely
October 2006

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Josef Boberg sa...

Hmmm... :-)

Deb Prothero sa...

Such beautiful words to describe the loss of one so precious. And the music was touching my soul. Thanks for sharing this link with me, Jess.