torsdag, januari 18, 2007

To My Father

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~ To my Father ~

You should have been my knight
in shining armour
a loving father
that protected me from harm

Like a Don Quijote
you fought with wild rage
a hopeless mental battle
against your inner demons

You should have had time with me
but in the chaos and mess
there wherent enough love
to heal all the bleading wounds

You should have saved me
rescued me from evil
but it was I who chased you
after conversations that never came

I your daughter
You my father
so close in bloodline
but parted for eons of time

I always looked for you
your eyes your hand
as quickly as we met
you separated us

Anger sorrow and frustration
in the childish heart
we both got to share
that never grew together

The poison in your body
killed the seed to the future
suffocated love before midsummer
you never saw the flowers bloom

Wish I would have known you more
that we where both grown up
but we where both too young
the day you passed away

I found your last message
a written letter in my toybox
and despite all these years with tears

- in memory of my father -

© copyright Jessica Sunnely 2007

tisdag, januari 02, 2007

Masters of Life, Love & Light

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~ Novice ~

Crash - so painful that your heart almost breaks
when everythings go wrong we lose hope and faith

and you want to scream and cry tears of sorrow
when pain inside digs furrows deep into horror

the loneliness and regrets scratches in your chest
when darkness & anxiety wont give you needed rest

then you must remember that there is a cure for pain
friends warmths sings hope; that nothing is in vain

to share our incapabilities is a big step for us both
lets stop see each others as a threat, open up to hope

please, help me - reach out your hand for a little while
considerations seed nurtures friendship mile after mile

noone of us can stop the hardships destined in life
sad songs in all of us, tunes sharp & deep as a knife

why play games, pretend, rule as an unmoved King
a false crowns burden will never give us our wings

in the school of life we'll all go to the same class
knowledge and insights, we will all do the maths

comradery helps us realize both puzzle and riddle
that were all going through the hard lexures given

love will teach us most, big investment with interest
relationships, big challenging examin without a rest

in different levels, but studies in the same themes
without shortcuts - skipping class will give you D's

sometimes in life we will meet a techer in each other
then we hopefully learn, teach and give to one another

meetings, when we have been loaned someone elses time
a treasure given that's an invaluable gift, very very fine

the insights we are learning will last in mind forever
thats why all the momentens in life is a holy endeavour

the seasons of development is gonna shift over the years
and experience carve wrinkles of wisdom between your ears

places, here & there shapes our character individually
step by step, every day in our unique career, spiritually

on the examination - we will finally get our doctors degree
at your service: Masters of Life, offers mankind help for free

© Copyright Jessica ~ Sunnely, 2006

¨º•¤•º°¨¨°º•¤•º°¨ ¨°º•¤•º°¨ º•¤•º°¨¨°º•¤•º°¨ ¨°º•¤•º°¨

Free Spirits

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Suggestive beating, my pulse excited,
a yearning drives me within a hurry!

A muffled desire makes my blood pulsate
in dark red waves of passion...

My entire body is ridden by electricity, loaded, tense..
Im on the edge of my limits, holding back, controlled..
I feel my pulse escalate, urged, Im wild - filled with viability...

My eyes narrow, I'm gazing, trying to focus,
I light up by the vision of you..
In the distance I see my destination,
your mysterious figure is glimmering in the glade...

In my mind
the images of landscapes are shifting,

where our spirits are flying high above,
where we play and measure our forces through space,
between heaven and earth, shape-shifting, transforming,
light as a butterfly, strong as a panther, wild as a dragon...

Determined, with a shrewd smile, virile,
splendid and proud -
I'm coming closer to you...

Im slowly breathing in the fragrances
from the virgin, primeval forest
around me..
Im walking on a moist, warm earth...

Shimmering ... from the descending sunset
long read rays of firelight, sunlight,
all is golden,
and so are your beautiful face in front of me..
I rejoyce to meet you, with respect and love.

Your penetrating eyes read my mind,
I know that you see me even before I can reach you...

Scrutinizing gazing at me, filled with wisdom and awareness,
Your sixth sence sees right through my barriers,
moves flexible over all obstacles..

I reveal myself to you, undress til Im naked,
Im standing here bare in front of you..
I hand myself over to our soulmeeting..
And that is how we meet each other,
as the twilight meets the night and the stars..

A warrior-soul with a magnificent charisma..
Strength, tenderness, with a power so radiatingly natural...

Harmony in yin and yang, filled with love, that doesn't shy away.
Im caught in your grip, challenged, smiling back and invite you in,
I am also glowing, hot, filled with lust, of life... your presence...

Our energies collide, greets each other, fumbles around and play tag.
Where hiding, finding each other in a joyful recognicion, eagerness..
Then finally, we take off, and lift over the trees, forward, floating...

Together our totem-animals are flying up to freedom and liberty,
High clear air meets us at the mountains,
as we take speed over the steep,

we are rising up,
storming over the ocean,
into the lightning clouds...

Tickeling, glittering raindiamonds
fall down on our wings from heaven above..

The waves under whips up splashes of drops
and foaming ice cold sea that refreshes

I laugh happily, totally absorbed by being alive!
In my chest a wild scream is growing and bubbles out of me...

I shout myself hoarse against ocean and winds, to earth and to you,
and you reply, together we tune up in a hymn, a mantra..
Our holy words of ancient cult, beyond earthy languages,
we sing... in harmony, in unison...

You dive bold down towards me
and with horror and delight I fend you off..

We are up to mischief on the winds, playing around
while the nightsky
is filling up heaven
with northern lights as a glitzy dragontail...

The sunstorms sparkles in violet, koboltblue,
turquoise and deepgreen

The fireworks of nature accompany our dance,
embelish chrysals in your beautiful eyes..

And there it is, the most precious gift there is -
Your wonderful Soul...
that reveils itself in the glance of your eyes..

your eyes that meets mine...

While we travel above the earth,
small seeds are falling down on the ground,

they're spreaded from our wings..
like angels dust, over all beings down

Sinking in and reawakes a hint..
slumbering beings inner longing,

and they stop, stumbles, and in the fall -
looking up, at the sky, looking for heaven..

Entice to try out the first jump,
unsteady they try out their own wings..

The search can begin,

in their journey after insights
an final homecoming...

We return from our journey,
and go down to our campfires,
the dragons deep fairytale forests..

Gliding down between the high trees
meeting the bog, and the small forest lake
with its deep mysterious water...

Landing softly back into our earthly bodies,
the holy temple for our souls here on earth...

I wake up from deep meditation,
and once again I meet your thoughtful look...

I smile at you.. filled with joy,
of fellowship, presence, clearsight...

Know now that you understand,
and without words - know, see, what Im feeling...

I reach towards you, and gently you help me to rise up..
With your hand in mine we take turns to be guides
on this path, as pilgrims..

This time with soft barefoot steps
over our blooming, flourishing Mother

© copyright Jess
~ September 2006 ~