tisdag, januari 02, 2007

Masters of Life, Love & Light

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~ Novice ~

Crash - so painful that your heart almost breaks
when everythings go wrong we lose hope and faith

and you want to scream and cry tears of sorrow
when pain inside digs furrows deep into horror

the loneliness and regrets scratches in your chest
when darkness & anxiety wont give you needed rest

then you must remember that there is a cure for pain
friends warmths sings hope; that nothing is in vain

to share our incapabilities is a big step for us both
lets stop see each others as a threat, open up to hope

please, help me - reach out your hand for a little while
considerations seed nurtures friendship mile after mile

noone of us can stop the hardships destined in life
sad songs in all of us, tunes sharp & deep as a knife

why play games, pretend, rule as an unmoved King
a false crowns burden will never give us our wings

in the school of life we'll all go to the same class
knowledge and insights, we will all do the maths

comradery helps us realize both puzzle and riddle
that were all going through the hard lexures given

love will teach us most, big investment with interest
relationships, big challenging examin without a rest

in different levels, but studies in the same themes
without shortcuts - skipping class will give you D's

sometimes in life we will meet a techer in each other
then we hopefully learn, teach and give to one another

meetings, when we have been loaned someone elses time
a treasure given that's an invaluable gift, very very fine

the insights we are learning will last in mind forever
thats why all the momentens in life is a holy endeavour

the seasons of development is gonna shift over the years
and experience carve wrinkles of wisdom between your ears

places, here & there shapes our character individually
step by step, every day in our unique career, spiritually

on the examination - we will finally get our doctors degree
at your service: Masters of Life, offers mankind help for free

© Copyright Jessica ~ Sunnely, 2006

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2 kommentarer:

John sa...

You are right Jess life is a journey. Sometimes we are down and sometimes we rise up.
Its good to find a balance. Thank you for sharing.

Deb Prothero sa...

Jess, you have become a Master of Life, Love and Light. Through the ups and downs you have learned so much that comes through in your poetry and you share it so freely.

Thanks for sharing this poem with me.