torsdag, januari 18, 2007

To My Father

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~ To my Father ~

You should have been my knight
in shining armour
a loving father
that protected me from harm

Like a Don Quijote
you fought with wild rage
a hopeless mental battle
against your inner demons

You should have had time with me
but in the chaos and mess
there wherent enough love
to heal all the bleading wounds

You should have saved me
rescued me from evil
but it was I who chased you
after conversations that never came

I your daughter
You my father
so close in bloodline
but parted for eons of time

I always looked for you
your eyes your hand
as quickly as we met
you separated us

Anger sorrow and frustration
in the childish heart
we both got to share
that never grew together

The poison in your body
killed the seed to the future
suffocated love before midsummer
you never saw the flowers bloom

Wish I would have known you more
that we where both grown up
but we where both too young
the day you passed away

I found your last message
a written letter in my toybox
and despite all these years with tears

- in memory of my father -

© copyright Jessica Sunnely 2007

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